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Faye N. Tupa, O.D.,P.C.

Faye N. Tupa, O.D.,P.C.

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Community Outreach & Charity Initiatives

We believe strongly in giving back to the community and caring for the eyes of all those in need. Outreach programs represent an opportunity to show the community the level of commitment our optometrists have to their community.

Future Sight Foundation

Provider Dr. Amy Kirkpatrick-Hartman provides free eye exams and glasses for patients four years old and younger. For further information and how to acquire the voucher

Future Sight was founded by Dr. Amy Kirkpatrick-Hartman in June 2006 with the purpose to increase community awareness of the importance of infant/child eye examinations and vision screenings. Future Sight offers free eye exams to any infant six to twelve months of age in Victoria and surrounding counties. Future Sight also provides free vision screenings for any interested school, church, day care or child in Victoria and surrounding communities.

Exam goals are to detect problems in and treat infants and children with eye-health or refractive conditions, so they can have the best possible eyesight for life. Vision in humans develops most rapidly within the first year of life, hence the importance of early detection and early treatment of eye problems.

The goals for Future Site include:

  • To educate parents, teachers, and the general public about good vision and the critical role it plays in literacy, education, society, community safety, and the economy.
  • To create partnerships to increase access to good vision care in Victoria and surrounding counties.
  • To raise funds to support and expand the Bartimaeus Foundation’s charitable works.

Since it’s inception, Future Sight has screened an average of 1,000 children per year. In 2013-2014 over 3,000 children were screened with the help of a community grant from DOW.

For more information on Future Sight, please contact (361)570-9318.